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Det Poetiske Fonoteque: "Postcard: Greetings from Lake Superior"


A videopoem exploring ecological crisis in the Great Lakes region: mercury poisoning, PFAS (forever chemicals), and toxic stamp sands from mining waste. This picture of Lake Superior is very different from what appears in beautiful travel postcards. But it's still home. 

FENCE: "A Rusted Birdcage in an Otherwise Empty Field"

Videopoem + Poetics Essay 

A videopoem addressing abusive relationships, harmful behavioral patterns, the shadow self.

An essay about the videopoem form's history + future.

Poetry Film Live: "How it Starts" 

Videopoem + Poetics Essay

A videopoem addressing violence, internet culture, and history.

A flash-essay on my early videopoem-making process.

Moving Poems: "The Almost-Prayer" 


A videopoem addressing language, history, Chronic Wasting Disease in UP deer populations, my Mexican ancestors, climate change.

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